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Currently, there is a focus on the digital, but the best print advertisements can still have a significant impact, whether in a magazine, a newspaper, or on the street.

Just like digital ads, print ads have the additional potential challenge of being static, and it's effortless for a reader to flip the page with just a glance.

e-CG print

Client: e-CG e-liquids

e-CG Premium e-liquids requested a print for a sector publication with the objective of communicating their new range of flavours.


The result, a sensory explosion of colour.

E-CG Print
Republic Group | Rolling Obsession

Rolling Obsession print

Client: Republic Technologies

French group: Republic Technologies, has more than 7 brands of RYO (Roll your own) papers. Since 2020, they have began to make efforts to create more eco-friendly products: bamboo papers, rice papers etc... Their timeless concept 'Rolling Obsession'  needed to reflect this strategic change.

AAFF_OCB Virgin PRINT-QR-00.jpg

OCB Virgin Papers

Client: OCB

We created a new campaign for OCB brand to give a new strategy and enhance its most natural range: Virgin Papers, a natural

and unbleached papers inspired by nature.

OCB First Century

Client: OCB

In 2018, OCB celebrated 100 years, becoming the oldest rolling papers brand in the market. At COMMON SENSE we developed a campaign to communicate its anniversary in professional magazines, booklets and social networks.

OCB First Century print
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