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Our campaigns come from conceptualization. We believe in great ideas that allow us to open durable paths suitable to be adapted to all online and offline formats.

Rolling Révolution

OCB Rolling Révolution

Client: OCB Rolling papers

New OCB campaign, the first one that talks about the brand's history and the revolution it brought until today; becoming famous and iconic for its quality and French savoir-faire.


Your Future in Motion

Client: CETT

CETT is a renowned university center in Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy, affiliated with the University of Barcelona. They provide students with a model of knowledge creation and transfer, innovation, and experience to prepare them for an ever-changing future.

The concept "Your future in motion" emerged from this idea and serves as an umbrella for all their offline and online communication.


The power of tradition by OCB - featuring Mitsuru Nagata

Client: OCB Rolling papers

"The Power of Tradition by OCB featuring Mitsuru Nagata" is the launch campaign for OCB's new range of products made entirely from bamboo.

OCB Inspired by Nature

OCB Inspired by Nature

Client: OCB Rolling papers

A series of documentaries depicting the fight against deforestation in Kenya.

In 2019, OCB partners up with an NGO (Seedballs Kenya) to provide over 400.000 tree seeds, specifically Acacia trees, to the most arid parts of the country and slow down desertification. The team came back in 2020 for a second round of donation, this time to help with the preservation of the Mau Complex, an important water catchment area that provides water to the fertile plains of the emblematic Masai Mara.

OCB Inspired by Nature
Tupinamba Campaña

Tupinamba Cápsulas

Client: Tupinamba Grup

Tupinamba, a brand with more than 100 years of history in the HORECA channel, entrusted us the launch of its new brand of capsules for home consumption.

Book your future

HTSI - Book Your Future

Client: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi

HTSI (School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi) launched under the concept "Book your future", an invitation for the new students to book their professional future.

The different pieces guide the users to where they can personalize their experience according to their personality, skills and passions in order to know what type of profile they have and which will be the professional outings.