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The digital world offers infinite possibilities, at COMMON SENSE

we adapt functional strategies to positionioning each brand and fill it with interesting content: from the creation of websites, paid media campaigns and social media content.

OCB 2021

OCB Official Website

Client: OCB Rolling papers

Update of the official OCB World website with a new strategic focus on the assortment of products they have.


In addition, we filmed videos showcasing the products to create a more tangible experience.

OCB Inspired by Nature

Client: OCB Rolling papers

With the arrival of the new natural papers, OCB needed a website where they could explain in full detail the ingredients and manufacturing of this new line of eco-friendly products. Consequently it harbours the series of reforestation documentaries: Acacia, the roots of Kenya and it's sequel, Mara, follow the river.

e-CG e-liquide

Client: e-CG vaps

COMMON SENSE developed the brand proposal, with a wide variety of colors for each of the 36 flavors available, as well as the website. With the main aim that the user explore flavors and colors.

HTSI - Upgrade Me

Client: School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi 


We designed a website for HTSI Masters and Executive Masters showing the professional evolution students can do thanks to their programs. An upgrade in their professional career that will mark their future in the tourism world.

Sonrisas de Bombay

Client: Sonrisas de Bombay

Sonrisas de Bombay is an NGO that focuses its activity on the Bombay slums with the challenge of making us understand why it is important to collaborate in their projects.


Through the campaign - slums +  smiles, we explained the difference between collaborating or not. We made literal the sentence "A small gesture makes a difference".